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A Buyers Guide – how to choose cold store or freezer clothing

A Buyers Guide – how to choose cold store or freezer clothing

A Buyers Guide – how to choose cold store or freezer clothing

Here at Delf Coldwear Solutions we are experts in our field.  We have been manufacturing and selling cold store and freezer clothing and all accessories for over 30 years. We want to use this knowledge to help you when it comes to choosing the correct cold store and freezer clothing for your working environment.

Delf was probably the first manufacturer to use textured polyester fabric as an outer fabric for thermal clothing, and it is this that is used for the Delf Cocoon range of clothing. Using three different weights of insulation, Delf has created solutions for all cold store and freezer temperature ranges.


CC1 Chill – is the lightest in the range – being suitable for use in ambient and chill stores that go down to a minimum temperature of -5ºC

CC2 Cold Store – is the most popular as it can be used in the temperatures between -5ºC and -30ºC.  It is Delf Coldwear Solutions signature range of products and the range we have the widest selections in.

CC3 Freezer – is the heaviest insulation weight and therefore gives a greater degree of protection down to -50ºC.


The fabric Delf uses for all these ranges is constructed in such a way that it has a degree of elasticity, which allows for comfortable movement when working in these garments and it also has an anti-fray coating.  The specialist polyester insulation is a mid bulk filling with high performance attributes, unlike a lot of polyester waddings which compact down after washing and lose their loft. The technical specification for this slickened decitex specialist fibre reports that the insulation improves after repeated washings.

Of course everybody responds differently to being cold and so that factor will need to be taken into consideration when trying to obtain the correct thermal comfort for individuals. The outside temperature and season will also affect how much or little employees will need to be protected whilst working in a cold store or refrigeration warehouse.  For example workers in a hot country may feel more cold than people working at the same temperature in a cold country – so they may need to wear our heavier range. It really depends on the individual.

A full range of accessories is available from specialist footwear and socks to thermal underwear, gloves to helmets, all designed to keep personnel safe, warm, comfortable and productive in a difficult working environment. We hope this buyers guide to choosing cold store and freezer clothing has been beneficial – please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. Email us: [email protected] or Call us: +44 (0)20 8941 2802


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