Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer

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Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer

Introducing the Delf Coldwear Solutions Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer, a stretch knit essential designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the most extreme cold environments. Constructed from a 2.8g heavyweight performance material, this baselayer is among the warmest and most reliable thermals on the market.

Thermal Long Sleeve for Performance and Protection

The ribbed design ensures a snug fit, while the softly brushed inner surface effectively traps warm air next to the skin. The high-performance polyester and viscose fiber blend actively controls your body temperature as you move, offering unparalleled comfort and flexibility in any situation.

This stretch knit thermal long sleeve baselayer will keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest of enviroments.

Performance and Protection

Made from a 2.8g heavyweight performance material it is one of the warmest thermals.

The ribbing helps makes the vest fit snugly while the softly brushed inner surface keeps warm air next to the skin. The high performance polyester and viscose fibre controls your body temperature as you move.

FABRIC: 80% Polyester 20% Viscose from Bamboo

SIZES: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL

COLOURS: Charcoal and White

Recommended Uses of These Long Sleeve Thermals:

A thermal baselayer is light and designed to create a cold and frost barrier between the body and the environment. It can be used for working in the winter in cold environments, as well as for food processing and pharmaceutical operations.

  1. Outdoor Jobs: Whether you are patrolling an area, or your employees are working in the fishing industry, you need to protect them from frost and cold. Coupled with our waterproof outerwear, this is a perfect addition to your workers' wardrobe.

  2. Cold Storage and Warehousing: If you have cold storage facilities or export and import perishable goods, this baselayer is the perfect companion for your employees. These long sleeve thermals are not bulky, making movement easy for your staff.

  3. Athletics and Sports: Whether you are on the bike in the freezing cold and biting wind, or you are on the water training for the next race, this thermal long sleeve base layer will protect you.

  4. Industrial Settings: Whether your staff is in distribution and are working between containers and storage facilities or in a cold warehouse, these long sleeve baselayer thermals are essential.

  5. Emergency Services: For rescue services and emergency settings, this baselayer can mean that your staff can stay outside for longer without being impacted by the cold weather.

  6. Utility Workers: If your staff maintains roads, essential services, such as water supply, electricity, or needs to access high ground, you can give them the protection and flexibility to move about with this addition to their work uniform.

Our  thermal baselayer isa great solution for employees across various industries, providing protection, warmth and comfort in cold working conditions.

Order your  Delf Coldwear Solutions Thermal Long Sleeve Baselayer from our UK warehouse and upgrade the comfort level and protection of your team and staff.

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Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge


White, Charcoal

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