What to wear to stay safe, warm and comfortable in a cold store environment.

It is essential to know what clothes to choose when working in refrigerated and freezer environments.  Even sticking to the golden rule of layering, do it with the incorrect materials and you will be left feeling cold, miserable and totally exposed!

So the guide below should help to keep you feeling safe, warm and comfortable even in the harshest environments!

  1. Thermal Underwear and long thermal socks

    Delf Coldwear Solutions recommends a thermal base layer as this will remove any sweat from the body and prevent you getting cold. Socks and underwear may not be the first thing you think of when collating your cold store clothing. However, these base layers are essential to keeping you protected and warm from head to toe.

    2. The Insulating Layer

    A fleece jacket is a great option for this layer because it is light weight, comfortable and easy to wear. J02 – Padded Fleece Jacket

  2. pro-SG80-A - Full Zip Fleece

    pro-SG80-A – Full Zip Fleece

    We offer a personalisation service on these types of items so that you can have your company logo and employees names embroidered and/or printed on the product.

  3. The Weatherproof Layer

    For this outer shell, Delf Coldwear Solutions recommends our own branded products as they are made specifically for cold store environments and have been tested as such. Our cold storage jackets provide protection and comfort by circulating the wearer’s body warmth and trapping it within the jacket. They are made with lightweight fabric, anti-fray, water and dirt repellent technology. This allows long-lasting wear that will keep up with even the most strenuous work. This is reinforced with the double stitched seams for added strength. We provide cold storage jackets with elasticated back and cuffs, as well as in a wide range of sizes, to ensure all your team are kitted with perfectly fitting clothes. Our cold storage jackets and cold store clothing also come in a range of prices to ensure you can find the ideal product at a price that’s right for you.

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    We also provide a range of cold storage trousers that allow you to safely work long hours with no inconvenience. Supplying trousers to EN 342:2004 and BS EN 340 standards, our cold storage trousers collection has been designed with you in mind, guaranteeing your comfort, warmth, and protection from the coldest working conditions.

    CC26 Cold Store Salopettes

  4. Accessories

    Delf Coldwear Solutions offer a wide range of gloves and hats to keep your extremities warm and protected. Wearing something on your head while working in a cold environment is extremely important. If left uncovered, the head is the area of the body where people often lose a lot of heat. Being fully kitted out from head to toe is vital when working in low temperatures. Delf has all the accessories to make sure you’re protected from head to toe.

    The above are just a few of our most popular – please click here to view more.

    Again these are our three popular products – please click here to view more.

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