Be-Oslo Base Protection Extreme Work Boots


F08 (B0850) - Be-Oslo Extreme Work Boots

Available from Delf Coldwear Solutions are these Be-Oslo Base Protection Extreme Work Boots from Portwest.

  • Special footwear for extreme work
  • Women’s width
  • Men’s width
  • Anti-static footwear
  • Shock absorption in the heel region
  • Heat resistant 1 minute up to 300°C
  • Water resistant upper to prevent water penetration
  • Cold insulation down to -17°C
  • Heat insulation up to 150°C
  • Puncture resistant sole
  • 200 joules resistant toe-capLining: Primaloft®
    Midsole: Fresh’n Flex
    Toecap: SlimCap
    Sole: Double-Density Air Tech PU/HRO

Who Is It For?

Any businesses that need water resistant boots for their workforce. At Delf, we are mainly serving companies in cold store or warehouse operations. This insulated boot is great for high pressure environments where movement and protection are equally important. The steel cap is heavy duty, and the footwear doesn't only protect your employees from the cold, but it also insulates the feet up to 150 Celsius.

If you need a reliable, heavy-duty footwear solution that protects from the cold and insulates against extreme cold, you can kit out your team and make sure they are safe, comfortable, and protected. In some industries, safety boots are a legal requirement.

How To Order:

You can place your order on our website and get updates on delivery. It's the easiest way. You might also want to contact our team at 020-8941-2808 or

Our friendly UK team is only a phone call or email away.

Alternatively. you might want to download our catalogue to browse our workwear and freezer clothing items.

Did you know? Delf has a range of cold temperature insulated boots for cold storage and freezer workplaces. We offer the highest quality products for food manufacturing and warehousing clients.

Download the product certification and specifications to find out more about these boots. Alternatively, get in touch with our team to find out more and decide whether this is the right option for your business and employees. We are here to help.

B0850 - Be-Oslo  Base Protection Extreme Work Boots Declaration of Conformity

B0850 - Be-Oslo Base Protection Extreme Work Boots Tech Specs

B0850 - Be-Oslo Base Protection Extreme Work Boots Technical Data


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