John Munden, Managing Director of Delf Coldwear solutions, talks about the importance of foot protection.

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“Having been in the workwear and leisurewear industry for nearly 30 years, I have often seen guys who have turned up to work in cheap trainers, carted off to hospital because of something simple such as treading on a nail or dropping a brick on their toe.

“The cost to the business of having staff out of action is a great deal more than £40 spent on the proper footwear.”

Safety footwear is a must! It not only protects you but also ensures against foot problems. The aggravation and torment from ill fitting and poor quality footwear can be very severe and lead to lack of concentration.

When you want the work done quickly and effectively, invest in the appropriate workwear and footwear for your staff.

Some of the common foot complaints that properly fitting safety and cold storage footwear can relieve are:

  • Aching feet –mainly caused by stiff shoes or footwear that flexes in the middle of the arch instead of at the ball of the foot. Instead, wear footwear with a shank. This is essential to make the footwear bend with the foot and not against it.
  • Tired feet –many people find safety footwear tiring to wear. This is because the extra weight of the toecap puts an unnatural strain on the muscles and ligaments of the instep. Delf’s lightweight toecaps balance our footwear and so reduce fatigue.
  • Hammer toe and bunions/corns –this is where the toes curl over and stiffen into a deformed position. To avoid this, wear footwear that is wider fitting and the correct size.
  • Plantar Fasciitis –inflammation of tissue on the bottom of the heel. This is due to poor quality footwear with little or no shock absorption. Wear footwear and socks that cushion the heel and consult your doctor.


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