V12 Caiman Waterproof Safety Hiker Boots


V12 Caiman Waterproof Safety Hiker Boots

These V12 Caiman Waterproof Safety Hiker Boots are both waterproof and breathable. They combine a nubuck-feel finish and woven fibre upper. A lightweight composite midsole and toecap make the Caiman incredibly light and comfortable, reducing fatigue. A shock absorbing, reinforced heel and a scuff cap make the boot very durable; and the innovative IGS sole unit provides superior grip and stability.


  • Lightweight yet durable, the Caiman combines a nubuck-feel finish and woven fibre upper.
  • Fully waterproof with a bellows tongue and waterproof lining which allows breathability and reduces perspiration.
  • Scuff resistant heel and toe for durability.


  • Waterproof lining that breathes to reduce perspiration.


  • Heel pump shock absorbing footbed.
  • Contoured to support the foot, with air channels to wick moisture and reduce heat build up and odour.


  • Wide fitting composite non sparking and thermal insulating.
  • Tested to impact of 200 Joules.

Protective midsole

  • A woven fibre midsole designed to protect from sharp objects entering underfoot.


  • Inspired by tyre technology and made from highly durable rubber, the IGS sole unit features a unique hexagonal tread ensuring superior traction, ladder grips offering firefighter levels of safety and a re-designed heel strike pad delivering exceptional water dispersal.
  • The IGS is heat resistant to approximately 300°C.
  • Non-marking and resistant to diesel, fat, acid and alkali.

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