Snickers DuraTwill Trousers (Reg) Holster Pocket


Introducing The Regular Length Snickers DuraTwill Trousers Reg Holster Pocket

Want to protect your employees and save money on workwear? The Snickers DuraTwill trousers reg are the right option for your business.

  • Extremely hardwearing work trousers made from dirt repellant DuraTwill™ fabric
  • Features an advanced cut with Twisted Leg™ design and Snickers Gusset™ in crotch for outstanding work comfort
  • Tough Cordura® reinforcements at the knees for extra durability
  • Kneepad pockets designed for the Kneeguard™ positioning system for superior knee protection
  • Easy access to leg cargo pocket with separate mobile phone compartment and four pen/tool compartments
  • Smart ruler pocket design with loose front corner for improved functionality and freedom of movement
  • Fabric 52% Cotton 48% Polyamide
  • Weight 240g/m²

Work Clothing Measurements:

C44 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 73-76 - Waist (ins) - 30
C46 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 77-80 - Waist (ins) - 31
C48 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 81-84 - Waist (ins) - 33
C50 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 85-88 - Waist (ins) - 35
C52 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 89-92 - Waist (ins) - 36
C54 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 93-96 - Waist (ins) - 38
C56 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 97-100 - Waist (ins) - 39
C58 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 101-104 - Waist (ins) - 41
C60 Leg (ins) - 32 - Waist (cm) - 105-112 - Waist (ins) - 44

These work trousers are also available in the Long version.

Snickers DuraTwill Trousers Reg Recommended for:

Any employee working in a challenging environment, such as a warehouse, a production plant, or mechanical engineering. Keep all your tools safe and get the protection from spills and dirt thanks to the special material that repels them all.

Snickers DuraTwill Trousers Reg Holster Pocket is a high-quality workwear product that is designed to meet the demands of professionals in the construction, plumbing, and electrical industries. These trousers are made from a durable and hard-wearing blend of polyester and cotton, which makes them strong and comfortable to wear. The DuraTwill fabric is specially designed to be tough and durable, so it can withstand the rigors of even the toughest work environments.

Main Features of the Snickers DuraTwill Trousers

One of the key features of these trousers is the holster pockets, which are designed to provide easy access to your tools and accessories. The pockets are positioned on the sides of the trousers, so you can quickly and easily access your tools without having to bend down. This can save you time and effort, which can be especially important when you're working in a busy environment.

Another great feature of these trousers is the knee pad pockets, which are designed to accommodate knee pads for added comfort and protection when you're working on your knees. The pockets are positioned in such a way that the knee pads are held securely in place, which means that you can move around freely without having to worry about them slipping out of place.

The Snickers DuraTwill Trousers Reg Holster Pocket also features a range of other useful pockets, including a cargo pocket and a phone pocket, which are designed to keep your essential tools and accessories close to hand. The trousers are also designed to be comfortable to wear, with a pre-bent leg design that ensures a perfect fit and maximum freedom of movement.

This product is shipped directly from our Surrey warehouse. 

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C44, C46, C48, C50, C52, C54, C56, C58, C60


Black, Black/Grey, Navy


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