Caterpillar Pelton Dealer Safety Boots


 Caterpillar Pelton Dealer Safety Boots

Are you looking for a stylish work boot suitable for any industrial work? Also one that's comfortable and hard wearing? Now available from Delf at these Caterpillar Pelton Dealer Safety Boots at a competitive price.


European Standard: EN ISO 20345

Safety Features:

  • 200 Joule toecap protection
  • Closed seat region (fully enclosed heel)
  • Energy absorption of seat region
  • Penetration resistance offered by a steel or composite midsole
  • 1100 Newtons;
  • AntiStatic
  • Oil Resistant
  • T1230 outsole
  • Heat Resistance to 300'C

Slip Resistance Rating of the Pelton Dealer Safety Boots

  • SRC - Outsole Slip Resistance BS EN ISO 20344:2004/A1:2007 (5.18); Tested on Ceramic Tile/Sodium Lauryl - Heel part 0.28; Flat Contact 0.32;  Tested on Steel Floor/Glycerol – Heel Part 0.13; Flat Contact 0.18.


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Who Is the Safety Boot for?

Whether you are managing stock in the warehouse, a building site, or light industrial operations, you will need to make sure that you can protect your staff and comply with the health and safety regulations of the industry.

These boots are not only stylish, but also easy on the feet. Suitable for employees of carpentry businesses, carpentry, and construction. The midsole of the boots has EASE technology making the footwear lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The steel toe, penetration protection, and oil-and fuel resistance make this the right choice for mechanics, too.

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