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Keep your hands protected and explore our range of freezer work  gloves. With a wide range of gloves including waterproof, thinsulated(R), leather, foam insulated, and mixed fibre gloves, you will be able to find the perfect gloves for all and every cold storage environment. Whether you are working in a cold environment, or in freezing conditions, your staff needs the protection, but also the flexibility to carry out the job. They keep hands safe and well insulated up to -25c. Delf's high quality and cold resistant gloves are insulated, waterproof, and lightweight, so you and your employees can carry on working, no matter what the temperature is. All our cold storage gloves are double stitched to ensure long term durability and allow you to get more use out of the product. Some of our gloves are also warm lined with polar fleece. The tags are adjustable and offer a snug fit, so no cold air will get in between the material and the skin. The freezer work gloves manufactured and distributed by Delf all conform to EN11 standards.

Freezer Work Gloves by Delf

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