When working in cold storage areas it is very important to wear the correct footwear.

Wearing the correct cold storage footwear when working in low temperatures is vital for the safety of you and your team. High quality footwear for freezers and cold storage shouldn’t be designed to only keep your feet warm and dry, although this is important. You need to make sure they’re comfortable. If you’re working on your feet all day, a poorly made shoe will create discomfort for your team. This will result in them being less alert and possibly increase the likelihood of an accident.

What Should Cold Store Footwear Be Made Of?

X07 Heat Holder Socks for use with cold storage footwear

Felt-lined, rubber bottomed, leather-topped boots with removable felt insoles are best suited for heavy work in the cold. As leather is porous, it allows the boots to breathe and let perspiration evaporate. Air flow around the foot is essential, it allows the foot to breathe and perspiration to evaporate. A boot that is too tight will increase the odds of getting hypothermia. For those people working in cold storage, proper footwear is essential. Toes and feet, with the hands, are the first to get cold.

Leather boots can be waterproofed with some products that do not block the pores in the leather. However, if work involves standing in water or slush (e.g., firefighting, farming), proper waterproof boots must be worn. While these protect the feet from getting wet from cold water in the work environment, they also prevent the perspiration to escape. The insulating materials and socks will become wet more quickly than when wearing leather boots and increase the risk for frostbite. It is therefore necessary to take caution when wearing waterproof boots over leather ones.

Bering Cold Storage BootCold storage socks can be used in addition to appropriate footwear to ensure extra protection against the cold. DELF’s thermal socks have a reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability. As well as this, our socks have superior moisture breathing so that your team is kept completely comfortable throughout the day. This means you can ensure your feet are fully protected even in the lowest temperatures. As well as being protected, you will be comfortable and able to weather the long days on your feet.

DELF’s Range of Cold Store and Freezer Boots and Socks

F04 Manitoba Rigger Cold Storage BootDELF prides itself on providing high-quality cold store clothing. Our range of footwear has the ‘European Standard’ for working in cold storage and distribution. This means you can be sure that your team will be properly protected when working in the lowest temperatures. With a non-metallic toe cap, our freezer and cold store footwear ensures your team is comfortable while maintaining a high level of protection. We supply a wide range of prices and sizes so we are confident that you will find the cold storage footwear that is right for you.

For more information on our range of cold storage boots please check out our range of cold store boots.

  • F04 Manitoba Zip Sided Safety Rigger Boots

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  • Oder Zip-Sided Leather Cold Store Boots

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  • Thermal Safety Wellington Boots

    Thermal Safety Wellington Boots


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